School to Work: Episode 6 Music Student

Interview with Steve Kim, Music Student Have you ever wondered what it may be like to be a Music student in university? Interested to know more about what a career in the field of Music may entail? I had...

School to Work: Episode 5 Science Student

Interview with Caitlin Van Kooten, Science Student Are you fascinated by biology, chemistry, physics and the like? Do you want to know what they are actually talking about in the Big Bang Theory? Curious to know what...

School to Work: Episode 4 Education Grad

Interview with Megan Legere, Education Graduate Are you passionate about working with kids and helping them learn? Would you like to know what it's like to be a new teacher just starting out? I recently interviewed Megan...

School to Work: Episode 3 Engineering Student

Interview with Stephan Acolatse, Engineering Student Curious about pursuing a career in engineering? Stephan Acolatse, a civil engineering student at Concordia, recently sat down with us to speak about his school-to-work trajectory as he prepares to graduate and enter the...

School to Work: Episode 2 Law Grad

INTERVIEW WITH MELISSA DIMITRIADIS, LAW GRADUATE Ever wonder what it really takes to become a lawyer? Well let's face it - it's not as easy as Mike Ross running into Harvey Spector in a fluke encounter on...

Expectations and reality are often quite different – especially when it comes to how we envision life after graduation.

I’ve faced this first-hand and that’s why I’m launching a new project with Road to Employment: an interactive interview series and podcast where I speak with students and recent graduates about their struggles with the school-to-work transition, their success lindsay and denis 2stories, and their honest and realistic advice for youth.

Road to Employment is a great initiative, whose mission I am truly supportive of.  I am thrilled to be a contributor to their website and to be able to share my project on a larger scale, so that students in high school, college, and university – as well as those supporting their academic and career development – can access and benefit from the resources provided.

It is our hopes that this interview series will shed light on how youth experience the school-to-work transition by speaking with students and recent graduates in various fields ranging from law to communications, medicine to education – and hearing what their academic and career trajectories have been, what insight they have for others considering a program or profession in their field, as well as their own unique experiences during this transitional time.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have a story that you would like to share!

Know someone who might be a good interviewee? Have questions that you would like to have asked in future interviews?  Want to share some feedback on the project? Let us know below!

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