Inpho Needs A Job – A Comic


“I like to think that the idea for ‘Imaginary Inpho’ came to me, rather than the other way around”. – Ian Van Harten, Cartoonist.

In Imaginary Inpho, Inpho and his sidekick Transforo – a computer whose image is projected from a microchip that was implanted into his brain – explore topics of philosophy and life. In his latest adventure Inpho is looking for work. (Click Here)


“Inside I feel like I do have something to offer”. Inpho says to Transforo. “And I want to use the talents I have to serve a greater purpose. I just need the right opportunity.” Does that resonate??

Ian describes that he was inspired to create Inpho during college. “It appeared through an ongoing series of doodles I did while stuck in a year’s worth of extremely dull college courses. Contending against an onslaught of momentous boredom, and through a blur of mostly random and spontaneous drawings, Inpho emerged”.

From wondering what to discuss on his intergalactic podcast, to contemplating “nothing”, to looking for work Inpho represents the internal dialogue many of us are having inside our own heads on a day to day basis.

ian guitar“He’s gone through many different forms as I’ve worked on him, and I imagine he’ll continue to evolve and change in to the future. But, for now, I think that him and I are both happy with his current state, cruising around space in his imaginary spaceship, and pondering the mysteries of the cosmos alongside his vastly superior computer sidekick.”

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